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Женщины за работой. Квилты и квилтеры. Исторические фотографии

Я люблю подобные фотографии, потому и не могла не поделиться ими с вами. Давно хочу чего-то подобного и со своим участием, но не люблю фотографироваться и очень придирчива к фотографиям себя - не вижу сходства изображения на фотографиях с собственным представлением о себе.

Сначала была мысль сделать свои комментарии к каждой фотографии, а потом передумала - ну что я могу тут еще добавить и так все понятно.

Наслаждайтесь и вы!

An Amish woman, surrounded by quilts, sews material at her sewing machine.
An Amish woman prepares to sew a portion of a quilt at at her sewing machine. Finished quilts surround her.
ca. 1970-1996, Berlin, Ohio, USA
Photographer: Clay Perry


2. Housewives quilting during one of their weekly group meetings at the Tygart Valley Subsistence homesteads, a US Resettlement Administration project.
Near Elkins, West Virginia, September 1938.
Photographer: Marion Post Wolcott

3. Elderly Woman Quilting.
ca. 1930
Photographer: Doris Ulmann

4. Quilt making at an American themed folk park in Ireland.
September 22, 2006
Photographer:Chris Hill
Northern Ireland, UK

5. American Baltimore Album Quilt Cover.
Photographer:Peter Harholdt
Date Created: 1849

6. AIDS memorial quilt on the National Mall lawn; 20,000 quilts are displayed.
10 May 1992, Washington, DC, USA
Photographer: Jeffrey Markowitz

7. A crowd of people are surrounding the enormous AIDS quilt at the ceremony.
11 Oct 1987, Washington, DC, USA
Photographer: Susan Steinkamp

8. A woman sews a quilt next to a kerosene lamp.
1941, USA
Photographer: B. Anthony Stewart/National Geographic Society

9. An elderly woman holds her prize winning quilt at the Minnesota State Fair.
ca. 1926, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
Image by © Minnesota Historical Society

10. Women demonstrate how to make a patchwork quilt at a festival.
1952, Kutztown, Pennsylvania, USA
Image by © Maynard Owen Williams/National Geographic Society

11. Photo shows two elderly ladies working on a quilt, sewing.
Models: Mrs. C. Lee Reynolds and Mrs. Orah B. Morrow.
Ca. 1940s-1950s.
Image by © Bettmann

12. A crazy quilt pattern coverlet. Lexington, Kentucky.
Pieced and embroidered silk and velvet, 1880-1890. Private collection.
Image by © Christie's Images

13. Original caption: Betty Ford poses with a bicentennial quilt of Independence Hall in Philadelphia. She is in the city to present Philadelphia with a copy of the Declaration of Independence made from the original.
26 Apr 1976, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Image by © Bettmann

14. A quilt hangs in the Connecticut River Museum depicting scenes of river life and history.
Quilt in Connecticut River Museum.
Date Photographed: November 01, 1995
Photographer: Phil Schermeister

15. Green and White Hawaiian Quilt.
Date Photographed: ca. December 1983
Photographer: Ted Streshinsky

16. Living History Staff Quilts at Historic Site.
A living history staff dresses in circa 1870 costumes and demonstrates quilting techniques at a historic Mormon site on the Arizona frontier. In the 1870s Mormon pioneers built a ranch over the lush springs that flowed in the area, which would become the Pipe Spring National Monument. Arizona, USA.
Date Photographed: September 01, 1976
Photographer: Lowell Georgia

17. Four Cajun Woman Sewing Quilt.
ca. 1930s, Louisiana, USA
Image by © Bettmann

18. Four Cajun Woman Sewing Quilt.
Date Photographed: ca. 1930s
Photographer: Philip Gendreau

19. A dozen elderly women gather for a quilting bee in Fort Lauderdale to sew quilts for the needy.
01 Jan 1962, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
Image by © Bettmann

20. A group of elderly women quilt together at the Ozark Arts and Crafts Festival. The local quilting bee worked together for over twenty years.
October 1965, Branson, Missouri, USA
Image by © Ted Streshinsky

21. Visitors watch a group of elderly women quilting together at the Ozark Arts and Crafts Festival. The local quilting bee worked together for over twenty years.
October 1965, Branson, Missouri, USA
Image by © Ted Streshinsky

22. A Hawaiian woman stitches a green quilt with traditional plant motifs.
ca. December 1983, Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii, USA
Image by © Ted Streshinsky

23. Cuna Woman With Molas.
ca. 1990s, Panama
Image by © Bob Krist

Источник фотографий http://www.corbisimages.com/
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