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Jinny Beyer visits Indonesia (Как делают индонезийский батик)

Hi, I’m Jinny Beyer, and I am a designer at RJR. I am excited to unveil my very first line of authentic Indonesian batiks. The collection is called Malam and you can view it here. Malam comes from the word Pasar malam, a Malay and Indonesian word that literally means night market. It also is used for the word wax, which is why I selected the name for my line of batiks. I recently traveled to Indonesia where I learned firsthand about the possibilities and limitations of the fascinating batik printing process. I am so happy to share my pictures with you. Please comment. I would love to hear your thoughts.

1. My batiks are produced in Surakarta in central Java, Indonesia. This is the art studio where the designs are created. They also place the designs in repeat to send to the chop maker.

2. This is an example of a chop. It takes about two weeks to make one chop.

3. Here is the dye workshop where they mix the dyes.

4. The fabric is "scrunched" outside in the sun and then dyed the colors that will be used for the line work of the pattern.

5. Wax is melted and the chop is dipped in the wax and then pressed onto the fabric.

6. This man is "chopping" my red paisley design.

7. Here I am in front of the chopping table with the paisley chop.

8. Here is the finished paisley design. You can view my entire collection of Batiks here: http://bit.ly/GzAJqV

9. The fabric is again "scrunched" and dyed and sprayed to get the overall color of the cloth (except where the wax is).

10. A piece of fabric drying in the sun after it has been scrunched and sponged with dye and had soda sprinkled on it.

11. The fabric is then sent to the washing facility to wash again and have the finishing process done. The final fabric is rolled on tubes and then packaged into boxes to be sent to RJR.

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